AI in Business

Welcome to learn how you can apply the opportunities brought by AI in developing your business!

Target audience: Management and representatives of SMEs interested in developing their business through AI

Implementation: Self-paced online course for self-study

Scope: 4 hours of the basics of AI and related case descriptions and 4–11 hours of working on your own business case

Price: Free. The online course is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund ERDF (REACT-EU) and the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Language: English. The course is available also in Finnish. See course details

Learning objectives

The course does not require prior knowledge of AI. After completing the course, you will master the basic terminology related to artificial intelligence and will be able to plan AI use cases based on your company’s needs and future strategic objectives. After completing the course, you can proceed to the Design Sprint or Proof of Concept (PoC) phase, i.e. verifying that a concept works, either with the support of your company’s internal IT resources or by looking for a company offering AI services as a partner.

Course structure

The objective of the course is for you to get excited, learn and apply AI to your company’s business. The course will guide you step by step to understand and select the most promising AI use cases for your organisation. The course consists of the following key modules:

  1. Business benefits of AI
  2. Introduction to AI and machine learning
  3. Data types and sources
  4. The key role of data
  5. Good AI use case
  6. Data maturity and data strategy
  7. Gap analysis and cost assessment of AI use cases
  8. Prioritisation of AI use cases
  9. AI Canvas: Structuring and visualising the AI use case
  10. Glossary
  11. Design tools for the AI use case
  12. The AI in Business test

Certificate of completion

You will receive a certificate of completion for the course by correctly answering at least seven questions in the test at the end of the course. The test has 10 questions.


Technical support, questions and feedback

You can contact us using the contact form or by email at


The course is part of the AI Technology Innovation Ecosystems for Competitiveness of SMEs project, i.e. the AI-TIE project. The course was produced in cooperation between Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences inspired by the materials of the First Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (FAIA). FAIA was created as a joint project between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Technology Industries of Finland and Silo.AI. The authors of the virtual course publication (2022) are Alanko-Turunen, M., San Miguel, E., Kauttonen, J., Ruohonen, A., Humala, I., Lagstedt, A. AI-TIEn, ERDF (REACT-EU) and the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council as part of the measures carried out by the European Union as a result of the COVID-19.

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